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December 11, 2014


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International Headlines

EVENT, 15 December 2014: Muslim Minorities and Religious Freedom: A Public Dialogue(Professor Robert George, John Esposito, and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Religious Freedom Project, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs)

Human rights 365 days a year – and for all (Jan Jařab,

Thomas Aquinas in China (William Carroll, The Witherspoon Institute: Public Discourse)

Afghan Shiites fear sectarian strife (Yaorslav Trofimov, The Wall Street Journal)

Jihadism: Tracking a month of deadly attacks (BBC News World)

For Yazidi women, escaping ISIS doesn't mean the ordeal is over (Leila Fadel, NPR)

Finances of jihad: How extremist groups raise money (BBC News Middle East)

By the sweat of Jewish brows (David Glasner, Mosaic Magazine)

China's ethnic region's capital to ban veiled robes (Associated Press)

Persecution of India's sexual minorities surges after court ruling: activists (Nita Bhalla, Reuters)

Refutating ISIS allegations on the revival of slavery (Mustazah bin Bahari, Eurasia Review)

Mexico priests, Christians fighting pessimism in wake of presumed murder of 43 students(Sotyan Zaimov, The Christian Post World)

Israel struggles with its identity (Jodi Rudoren, The New York Times)

Dalai Lama says Pope Francis is unwilling to meet: ‘It could cause problems’ (Josephine McKenna, Religion News Service)

Churches seek to strengthen electoral process in Democratic Republic of Congo (World Council of Churches (Press Release), All Africa)

Church leaders call for speedy enactment of anti-terrorism law to boost security (Jacqueline Kubania, Daily Nation)

Is IS on an inevitable path to destruction? (Mark Mardell, BBC)

Three more cases in which Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy (Asif Aqeel, World Watch Monitor)

Dispute emerges over cause of prominent Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein’s death (William Booth and Ruth Eglash, The Washington Post)

Malaysian Christians furious over hundreds of desecrated Bibles (

How jihadists are spinning the CIA torture report (Adam Chandler, The Atlantic)

Religious conversion row hits Parliament; Centre passes the buck to state govt (Deepak Nagpal,Zee News)

North Korea: 'They torture the Christian the most' (David Alton, Spero News: Religion)

Vatican conference discusses the morality of prescription drugs (Alison Lesley, World Religion News)

War and ISIS haven't stopped people going to church in Syria (Cath Martin, Christian Today)

Can Iran 'control' its cohabiting couples? (BBC News Middle East)

Saudi King replaces ultraconservative religion minister (Associated Press, The Epoch Times)

"Churches dabbling in nonsensical things getting most followers" (GhanaWeb)

Statement on Persecution of Religious Minorities in the Middle East Region (Erin Green, Press Release No. 14/39, The Conference of European Churches)

Righteous anger – Church members upset over priest's embrace of gays in worship service(Mark Woods, The Jamaica Gleaner)

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Europe Headlines

EVENT, 18 December 2014: Conférence Laïcité et Liberté de Croyance : quel avenir pour la spécificité française ? (European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF))

Church’s plan for ‘Catholic-only’ teaching posts anti-Constitutional – GWU (Matthew Vella, Malta Today)

European Jewish Congress welcomes the Polish overturning of ban on shechita as victory for human rights (The Yeshiva World News)

Berlin grants humanist pupils own holiday (The Associated Press, The Big Story)

Ulster, conscience and the law: Having your cake and eating it (B.C., The Economist [Erasmus blog: Religion and Public Policy])

Kremlin official slams violence against members of Moscow-ruled Orthodox Church in Ukraine(Interfax: Religion)

Jewish lawmaker in Britain says he’s received death threats (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Erdogan's 'New Turkey' aspires teaching 'Old Turkish' (Pinar Tremblay, Al-Monitor: Turkey Pulse)

Turkey’s ruling AKP going back to its radical roots (Özgoür Korkmaz, Hürriyet Daily News)

Whose problem is Alevi’ism? (Akif Emre, World Bulletin)

Uzbek president asks Putin for help in combatting extremism (Joanna Paraszczuk, Radio Free Europe | Radio Liberty)

Russian Orthodox Church's manual for migrants (Radio Free Europe | Radio Liberty)

Prominent Azerbaijani journalist sent to two-month pretrial detention (Radio Free Europe | Radio Liberty)

Interest in religion only ‘skin deep’, examiners find (James Debono, Malta Today)

Ireland’s lower house backs symbolic resolution on Palestine (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

CSC Celebrates Merger with CEC, Governing Board Meets (Erin Green, Press Release No. 14/40,The Conference of European Churches)

Germany reportedly concerned about radicalization of Chechen diaspora (Joanna Paraszczuk,Radio Free Europe | Radio Liberty)

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United States Headlines

Believe it or not, the Senate's torture report can give the faithful hope for the future (Herb Scribner, Deseret News National Edition | Faith)

Faith leaders respond to CIA torture report (Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News National Edition | Faith)

Christian printer who refused gay pride shirt order files appeal (Christian Today)

Hallmark responds to 'swastika' wrapping paper controversy (Christian Today)

Glen Ellyn won't allow Jehovah's Witnesses brochure rack on sidewalk (Bob Goldsborough, The Chicago Tribune)

Many in Plano criticize expanded anti-discrimination policy (Wendy Hundley, The Dallas Morning News)

8th grader arrested for refusing to remove his rosary (Christian Today)

Texas teen on trial for 'satanic ritual' killing (Christian Today)

San Francisco conference talks LGBTQ issues in Judaism (Emily Murdoch, World Religion News)

Abercrombie claims that job applicants must explain their religious beliefs before the law can protect them (The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty)

Colorado's high court hears school voucher case (Ivan Moreno, Associated Press)

In reversal, Kentucky denies tax incentives to Noah's Ark theme park (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Challenge to school board invocation policy dismissed on standing grounds (Howard Friedman,Religion Clause)

Freedom of religion shouldn't be unconditional (Jason Miller, TIME)

Insurers in New York must cover gender reassignment surgery, Cuomo says (Anemona Hartocollis, The New York Times)

CDC proposes recommendations strongly favoring male neonatal circumcision (Howard Friedman,Religion Clause)

Federal circumcision guidelines meet with opposition (Victoria Colliver, San Francisco Chronicle)

Hindu American Foundation approves Texas textbooks with new corrections (Emily Murdoch,World Religion News)

Statues of Mary, Joseph vandalized at church in Chicago suburb (Mary Wisniewski, Reuters)

Mosque proponents sue Pennsylvania township over zoning variance denial (Howard Friedman,Religion Clause)

Americans mostly agree that God created man, but the rest is unclear (Herb Scribner, Deseret News National Edition | Faith)

American Baptist leaders call for examination of U.S. criminal justice systems f (Religion News Service)

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