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In recent weeks, ANAJURE (Evangelical Lawyers Association in Brazil) has been intensely involved with many activities, nationally and internationally. Congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings, an extensive agenda of activities, with the main purpose of strengthening the main flags of the association, that is, everything that concerns to the basic civil liberties of the citizens, especially the Religious Freedom.

In this sense, this March, ANAJURE had the institutional opportunity to dialogue with lawyers across the country , religious leaders , and society in general, including the three branches of Brazilian government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial,  accomplishing an important agenda that involved six events with important discussions and debates on religious freedom, freedom of expression and conscience objection, which occurred in Brasilia-DF, São Paulo-SP, Curitiba-PR and Anápolis-GO Internationally, entering this April, the ANAJURE’s president of the National Board  of Directors, Dr. Uziel Santana, traveled to Canada and the USA to represent the association at Annual Global Consultation of Religious Liberty Partnership- RLP (Ottawa, Canada ), and attend meetings with important partner organizations of ANAJURE, as Advocates International (USA), and the U.S. Government Commission on International Religious Freedom.

In the national activities, ANAJURE met (LINK) the Evangelical Parliamentary Front in National Congress, strengthening its technical and legal cooperation, and then promoted the First International Congress on Fundamental Civil Liberties, which occurred at Superior Court of Justice, with the theme 'Religious Freedom, Freedom of Expression and Conscientious Objection ', gathering about 300 registrants. The lectures were given by Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher (International Institute for Religious Freedom / Germany) and Dr. Jonatas Machado (University of Coimbra, Portugal). After this, visiting the Supreme Court, there was a meeting with the Minister Gilmar Mendes, who knew the work of ANAJURE and supported the association institutional mission. He was also invited to participate in the 2nd ENAJURE (National Meeting of Envagelical Lawyers) taking place at Cuiabá, 08-10 of August this year.

At The Presidential Palace, within the Presidency General Secretariat, along with the Historic Churches from Brazil (Free Methodist Church, National Baptist Church of Brasilia, Brazil's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Independent Presbyterian Church, National Baptist Convention, Presbyterian Church of Brazil, Methodist Church, and the Salvation Army Church in Brazil), ANAJURE, through Dr. Uziel Santana, met Minister Gilberto Carvalho, representing the President, to talk about the National Plan of Education, Missions among indigenous , Religious Liberty, the social participation of churches and related topics. The ANAJURE’s agenda continued with the completion of the International Seminar at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, where this theme was discussed: 'Religious Freedom as a fundamental human right: report, challenges and theories'. This event also had as speakers Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher and Dr. Jónatas Machado. The videos are available here (LINK).

ANAJURE also promoted discussions at UniEvangélica in PUC / PR (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná) and Anápolis-GO, in the last 14 and 16th March. The seminar discussed the important theme "Religious freedom in academic community'. These moments of debate involved professors, principals, university deans, in order to promote greater enlightenment on the subject. In addition to academic debates, an open meeting was held with the Committee on Law and Religious Freedom of Brazilian Order of Lawyers (OAB / PR) aiming a mutual cooperation to consolidate the ANAJURE’s project to constitute a Committee for Religious Freedom within each sectional of OAB.

Throughout the dialogues and meetings, several partnerships with national and international institutions began to be signed, as you can check out below and the links provided:


Activity Report the ANAJURE (MARCH/APRIL/2014)

11 March – ANAJURE’s president and part of the board of directors had a meeting with the Evangelical Parliamentary Front for matters of technical and legal cooperation, attending the honorable invitation of the EPF President,  Mr Paulo Freire PR / SP. The meeting took place at National Congress.


12 March – ANAJURE opened the First International Congress on Civil Liberties at Superior Court (STJ) auditorium with the theme 'Freedom of expression and Conscientious Objection'. The event lasted one day and the lectures were given by Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher (International Institute for Religious Freedom / Martin Bucer Seminary – Germany) The event was attended by approximately 300 lawyers.


12 March – ANAJURE and historic churches met the Minister Gilberto Carvalho, to talk about important national issues about freedom of religion, expression, national education plan, missionary activities in indigenous lands, and social participation of churches.

imagem 20

12 March ANAJURE visits the Supreme Court, to introduce its institutional mission and present its projects.


13 March Still with the participation of the two international speakers, Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher and Dr. Jonatas Machado, ANAJURE held, in partnership with Mackenzie University, the I International Seminar to discuss the theme 'Religious Freedom as a fundamental human right: report, challenges and theories'. The event took place at night and also had the participation of Rev. Dr. Augustus Nicodemus (President of ANAJURE Advisory Council) and Dr. Uziel Santana (ANAJURE’s President/ University of Sergipe).

Mackenzie SITE

14 March – Dr. Jonatas Machado gave a lecture about the 'Right to discuss and investigate the forms of creationism and intelligent design.' The lecture was held overnight at Stadler Newton Souza auditorium, PUC / PR (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná)


15 March The ANAJURE’s Seminar on Religious Freedom in academic community was held at PUC/PR. The event happened with the participation of Dr. Jonatas Machado and with the support of the Religious Liberty Commission from OAB / PR.

16 March UniEvangélica in Anapolis-GO hosted the Seminar on Religious Freedom in Academic Community. The event had the participation of professors, principals and the Rector of the institution, and aimed to achieve institutional partnerships between the entities involved.

ANAJURE em Anápolis

21 March ANAJURE Directors gather at the Court of Rio de Janeiro to discuss relevant issues to the expansion of the Association, the strengthening of the democratic State based on the rule of law in Brazil and the challenges of the entity in Rio de Janeiro.


24-27 March – ANAJURE attended the Annual Global Consultation of Religious Liberty Partnership – RLP (click here to see how was the event)


31 March ANAJURE visits the headquarters of International Advocates and establishes partnership for 'Support and Relocation of Refugees' program, to welcome persecuted Christians in Brazil and to invite the organization's president, Dr. Brent McBurney to participate in the 2nd ENAJURE, which happens in August this year, whose enrollment will be available soon. (see the full story of this visit)

Visita AI

31 March At the U.S. Congress, ANAJURE’s President  meets the staff of Congressman Jeff Duncan, and partners for the Relocation Program.

31 March ANAJURE’s President meets Dr. Greg Mitchell, leader of a coalition of organizations working for international religious freedom that involves the participation of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Scientologists, spiritualists.

31 March The United States Comission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) meets ANAJURE so they can work in coordination and cooperation with a focus on Brazil and Latin America. (Click here to see details of the partnership)

Uziel Santana EUA

1 Abril Dr. Uziel gives lecture at University of Nyack – New York – United States, attending an invitation from the Inter-American Federation of Christian Lawyers President, Dr. Nina Balmaceda on the Right of Religious Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right.

* Soon we will disclosure the "Support and Relocation Refugee" program.

POR: ANAJURE l Press Officer – Angélica Brito e Wanda Galvão
TRADUÇÃO:  ANAJURE l Espanhol – Samara Ruana, Inglês – Felipe Augusto


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