FPMRAH and ANAJURE visits North Korea's Embbassy and asks cooperation of the North Korean government for the human rights in the country


Accompanied by Dr. Jose Julio, member of the National Executive Council ANAJURE, Congressman Leonardo Quintão (Coordinator in Brazil of the International Parliamentary Panel for Religious Freedom – IPP – and Chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Front for Refugees and Humanitarian Aid – FPMRAH) was at the embassy in North Korea on the last day 08, at a meeting with Mr. Paek Tong, Embassy Counselor. The purpose of the meeting was to speak in defense of human rights in North Korea and deliver a letter produced by the international IPP (see the full document) expressing on specific issues raised in the Commission of Inquiry Commission report Human Rights in 2014 (see here).

Receptive to dialogue but disagreeing with complaints, Mr. Paek Tong on behalf of the North Korean government defends The Country of the charges stating there is no human rights violation in North Korea, "the North Korean citizens are all free and happy ".

Congressman Leonardo Quintão commented on the receptivity of the Director of the North Korean embassy in Brazil and said that this meeting marks the opening of a path of dialogue between the Brazilian government and North Korea, as a form of institutional cooperation for conflict resolution. The President of ANAJURE spoke of the importance of the meeting and cooperation that begins with the Embassy of North Korea in Brazil so that the issue of fundamental human rights be the subject of discussions and resolutions between the two countries.

Por: Wanda Galvão l Tradução para o inglês: Igor Sabino e Felipe Augusto l ANAJURE


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