LifeSiteNews (EUA): "Evangelical attorneys unite to fight homosexual and pro-abortion movements in Brazil"

December 4, 2012 ( – Brazilian evangelicals joined with representatives in the National Congress on Thursday to announce the launch of a new national association of attorneys to fight the numerous legal threats posed against Christians in Brazil by the country’s pro-abortion and homosexualist movements.

The National Association of Evangelical Jurists (ANAJURE) will “struggle in favor of the natural values of life and family from the perspective of the Christian worldview…We will not cease to fight against the gay agenda, the abortionist agenda, the feminist agenda,” association president Uziel Santana told

The organization’s founding was spurred by attacks on Christians in Brazil by the homosexual movement, which has sought to pass legislation to silence churches and individuals who denounce the “gay” lifestyle and support sexual morality as taught in the Bible, according to Santana.

Evangelical jurists began to informally unite to form the group in 2006 “when churches in general realized that the…so-called ‘homophobia law’ criminalized all and any manifestation against homosexuality, including punishing with prison pastors, parents, scientists, reporters, anyone who positions himself unfavorably against homosexuality,” said Santana.  Evangelical and Catholic activists and legislators defeated the proposed bill, although it remains under consideration in the congress. Leia mais em “LifeSiteNews”


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