Ambassador of Jordan in Brazil receives delegation of ANAJURE and supports official mission of the entity and FPMRAH to Refugee Camps in Amman next week


A group of lawyers representing the Presidents of the Parliamentary Front for Refugees and Humanitarian Aid (FPMRAH) and the National Association of Evangelicals Jurists (ANAJURE / Brazil) met with the Ambassador of Jordan in Brazil, Mr. Malek Twal, last Thursday morning (21), where they presented the work of FPMRAH and ANAJURE, particularly projects for international humanitarian aid.

Dr. Maxilene Corrêa (ANAJURE / GO), accompanied by Dr. Tercyo Dutra (ANAJURE / DF) and Prof. Rocindes Corrêa (ANAJURE / GO), informed the Ambassador about the Official Mission of FPMRAH and ANAJURE which will take place 26-31 May in Amman, Jordan, with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to visit and analyze cases of refugees, especially children orphaned, where the delegation will assess how Brazil can work with humanitarian actions in the place, or to be a destination for hosting refugees in situations deemed more urgent.

One of the main objectives of the work of FPMRAH and ANAJURE is to insert Brazil in the international context of relocation of people victims of serious and widespread human rights violations, or persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion, as well to provide humanitarian aid for people who are with their communities in situations of war or natural disasters, through social and legal assistance.

Malek Twal was receptive to the project and left the embassy available to the team, offering free entries in Jordan, with the aim that the delegation has the doors open to travel to the country on other occasions. He also reported that currently there are 7 million people in Jordan, of which about 2 million are refugees, mainly from Syria and Iraq, which are scattered throughout the city, especially border and north of the country.

The ambassador of Jordan in Brazil also pointed out that the Brazilian nation has great potential and several resources for humanitarian work, but that has done little in the international arena. For this reason, the work of FPMRAH and ANAJURE was widely praised because it seeks to visit in order to recognize and understand the scale of the problem so that it is possible to mount a solid project, regarded as essential for a good humanitarian aid work in Jordan, the Ambassador Malek Twal’s opinion.

Malek Twal also invited the delegation to be present in the Solemn Session in celebration of the 69th anniversary of the National Date of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which will take place on May 26th in Brasilia.

During official the trip to Jordan will be produced a documentary that will be available in the coming weeks by ANAJURE to broaden the discussion on the topic in Brazil.

"Our ANAJURE Refugees team is highly motivated to participate in this official mission. We scale the problems to be faced and their dire situations that require international support. We will know the cases, especially those involving children orphaned and we will spare no effort, along with the Parliamentary Front for Refugees and Humanitarian Aid, UNHCR-Brazil and the Brazilian government, to help them," said Dr. Uziel Santana , president of ANAJURE and coordinator of the official mission to Jordan.

The ANAJURE Refugees is a program created by ANAJURE in order to cooperate with the Brazilian government in actions aimed at protecting refugees and the promotion of humanitarian aid. "With the reports coming from the mission to the refugee camps of Jordan, we will have more data to enter in the project that we are developing together with the UNHCR and Itamaraty", pointed out Dr. Jonas Moreno, Director of ANAJURE for Refugees and Humanitarian Aid.

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