ANAJURE apressents a paper about how the symbolic violence affects the religious freedom in Brazil during a conference at Cambridge University

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"Religious Freedom in Brazil: Reflections on the symbolic violence" was the theme apressented at Cambridge University by Felipe Augusto Lopes Carvalho (ANAJURE/PB's member) and by Mr. Uziel Santana (ANAJURE'S president), during IV Oxbridge Conference on Brazilian Studies, an event promoted by Cambridge and Oxford Universities that happened yesterday (02) and attended by several academica from the two organizaters universities. 

Felipe Augusto that is also concluding his graduation in Law at Universidade Estadual da Paraíba, said that this was an unique opportunity to reflect about the juridic protection to the religious freedom, trough the analysis of cases of "symbolic violence" against the right to religious freedom in Brazilian territory, with the aim to contribute with the end of the violations against this fundamental human right.

"The paper was written through the perspective that even though there is no real violence in Brazil, like what happens in countries of the Middle East and North Africa, for example, we have various restrictions, especially governmental ones, within Pierre Bourdeieu calls symbolic violence. In this sense, we tear down, maxima data venia, the thesis of the last Pew Research Center's briefing that Brazil is the champion of religious freedom concerning "government restrictions and social hostilities", said Uziel Santana. 

We highlight that soon ANAJURE will release an official public note explaining about the theme apressented in this event. ANAJURE's president enforces that the misunderstood spreading of a background of religious freedom like the one described in Pew Research Center's briefing does not represent the Brazilian reality, confuses the public opinion and those who work in defense of the respect and fullness of the religious freedom as a fundamental human right. 


"Those who know the governmental restrictions to the freedom of missionaries and indigenous tribes and the imposition of secularists in the public sphere know that our current scenario is one of grave violations to the right of religious freedom, even though they be perpetrated without real violence, but symbolic one. The examples of this are various how we will demonstrate in our briefing in the next week's about the religious freedom violations in Brazil.". 


The next steps of Mr. Uziel Santana in London throughout this week will be to give continuity to the project of academic partnership of study, investigation, education and formation in questions related to Law, Policy and Religion that aims the realization of a post-graduation course that will be organized by ANAJURE with the Human Rights Center of Coimbra University, Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Brazil) and the Law, Religion and International Relations Program of Oxford University (England), whose notice will be released soon.

Next Monday, Mr. Uziel Santana and Felipe Augusto will meet with Mrs. Nazila Ghanea (International Law of Human Rights professor at Oxford Law University) and Mr. Peter Petkoff (Director of Law, Religion and the International Relations Program of the Center for Christianity and Culture of Regent's Park College, Oxford) to finalize the institutional partnerships between ANAJURE and Oxford University. 


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