Brazilian delegation ends Official Mission of ANAJURE Refugees and FPMRAH in Amman / Jordan to execute projects for refugees host and humanitarian aid in partnership with UNHCR



The Parliamentary Front for Refugees and Humanitarian Aid (FPMRAH), represented by Dr. Uziel Santana (Coordinator of the ANAJURE Refugees project and President of ANAJURE – founding entity  of FPMRAH as representative of civil society), assisted by the Psychologist Elizete Lima, and by Journalist Asaph Borba, both from ANAJURE Refugees Project, with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Brazil and Jordan (UNHCR), ended in  yesterday, May 29, in Amman, the official mission that aimed to know the reality of refugees coming from the war in Syria and religious persecution imposed by ISIS in Iraq.



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The Brazilian delegation also had the opportunity to observe how the administrative structure of the UNHCR in Jordan works and how is the process of welcoming and assisting refugees, to examine cases where Brazil could cooperate through the project that is under discussion and finalization with UNHCR/Brazil and the Foreign Ministry.


The Brazilian group met specific cases of Syrian families enrolled in UNHCR support program, visited the second largest field of the world's refugees, the Zaatari, which holds about 84,000 people, and met with local officials who supported the project.

Among the major goals of this fieldwork is the possibility of hosting orphaned or unaccompanied children and families of great social vulnerability.

Our reception of refugees and humanitarian aid program has two pillars: by FPMRAH, we are investing in projects that aim to receive refugees in our country and in achieving development projects in urban fields and places where refugees live here in Jordan. The other fundamental aspect of our project is the participation of Brazilian civil society by both the host and the investment in places where refugees live in a state of calamity ", pointed out Dr. Uziel Santana.

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"We will spare no efforts and political actions for the Brazilian Government work towards hosting orphans because of the war," said the president of FPMRAH, Congressman Leonardo Quintão.

The Brazilian team comes back very motivated and committed to the catastrophic situation in which the refugees live in Zaatari and other Middle Eastern locations.

"In the coming weeks, together with UNHCR-Brazil and UNHCR-Jordan, we will try to discuss how Brazil can effectively help in this matter. We are well advanced with regard to the record of this hearing and the possible positive consequences that this may cause to our country. " pointed out Dr. Jonas Moreno, Director of ANAJURE Refugees and Humanitarian Aid.


                                                  [Syrian family and Brazilian delegation]

Back to Brazil, as first administrative measure of FPMRAH, the ANAJURE Refugees will hold in Brasilia, on June 16th, the 1st Inter-institutional seminar for Refugees and Humanitarian Aid, with the participation of UNHCR Brazil, Foreign Ministry and Red Cross.


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