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January 14, 2015

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International Headlines

Muslim world questions logic behind Charlie antics (Arab News)

Religious freedom and diplomacy: More than a luxury (B.C., The Economist [Erasmus blog: Religion and Public Policy])

Freedom to practise one’s religion without fear or favour (Tengku Zuhri Tengku Abdul Aziz, The Rakyat Post)

Egypt's Sisi urges religious moderation, but no space for insulting images (Louisa Loveluck, Christian Science Monitor)

New Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon stirs Muslim anger in Mideast (Anne Barnard,The New York Times)

Egypt moves to ban foreign publications 'offensive to religion' amid condemnation of new Charlie Hebdo edition (Lora Moftah, International Business Times)

Egypt urges West to provide military support to tackle Islamic extremists (Matina Stevis,The Wall Street Journal)

Oxford University Press bans use of pig, sausage or pork-related words to avoid offending Muslims (The Telegraph)

Catholic groups rally against climate change amid intense church debate (David Gibson,Religion News Service)

Malaysia rights lawyer arrested after saying State agency spreads extremism (Miko Morelos, Ecumenical News)

5 illogical arguments against Islam (Huma Munir, On Faith)

Nigerian church leader tells international community: 'Do not forget that we are here'(Laurice Chavez, Christian Today – World)

The changing shape of Boko Haram (Lucinda Borkett-Jones, Christian Today)

In a Delhi Catholic church, the Grotto of Our Lady is desecrated (Nirmala Carvalho,

Canadian court bans polygamous group from using Mormon name (Associated Press: The Big Story)

The left comes not to praise Charlie Hebdo but to bury it (John Hayward, Breitbart News)

More governments using internet to enforce blasphemy laws (Doug Bernard, Voice of America News)

North Korea should be held accountable for religious freedom violations – UN General Assembly (Tracie Hearne, Christian Daily)

Censorship, religion, and PKolitics (Sawan Patel, Cavalier Daily)

Tibetan Buddhist Association: Tibetan Buddhist sects receive equal protection under the law [Simplified Chinese] (China News)

Beijing city Religious Affairs Bureau organizes trainings on Buddhism, Taoism [Simplified Chinese] (Sohu)

As China bans the Burqa, their media blames Western colonialism for the Charlie Hebdo tragedy (Gerhard Jacobs, The South African)

How China's reaction differs from the West after Charlie Hebdo attacks (CBS News)

Kazakhstan: Muslim missionaries – four 20-month prison terms, one 18-month term(Forum 18 News Service)

Egypt: 'Atheist' student gets 3-year sentence (Eurasia Review)

Jakarta: Religious Affairs minister defends teacher accused of "proselytising"(

Where’s Angela? Ultra-orthodox paper edits Merkel and other female world leaders out of Paris march (Allison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz)

Failure of religious authorities will see Muslim youth led astray, warns preacher (Zaini Hardy, The Rakyat Post)

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Europe Headlines

UK Prime Minister: ‘Redefining marriage is one of my proudest moments’ (Thaddeus Baklinski, LigeSite News)

Europe is becoming a no God zone (Cristina Odone, The Telegraph)

In France, a growing debate over why some speech is protected and some isn’t (Anthony Faiola and Griff Witte, The Washington Post)

French-born Muslim receives death threat over London 'Je suis Charlie' sign (Nick Winchester, The Guardian)

French soldiers protect synagogues after Charlie Hebdo attacks (Alison Lesley, World Religion News)

Charlie Hebdo poster burned in protest as Muslim leaders condemn cover (Anne Penketh, The Guardian)

Queues form to buy Charlie Hebdo magazine, eBay bids reach more than £1,500 (Carey Lodge, Christian Today)

French have positive views of both Jews, Muslims (Neha Sahgal and Bill Webster,PewResearch Fact Tank)

French Muslims feel deeply torn by viral ‘I am Charlie’ slogan (Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post)

Nearly half of British Jews say they have no future in Europe, study finds (The Jerusalem Post)

Sweden continues to quash homeschooling (Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow)

France arrests 54 for ‘defending terrorism’ after Charlie Hebdo attack (Al Jazeera)

German Muslims speak in face of anti-immigrant movement (Yermi Brenner, Al Jazeera)

Muslim world also responsible for rise of Islamophobia, says former religious body head (Ahmet Hakan, Hürriyet Daily News)

European Court often condones restrictions on free speech to accommodate “sensitivities” (Pierre De Vos, Constitutionally Speaking)

Turkey bans Charlie Hebdo cover, newspaper gets death threats (Josh Levs, Hande Atay-Alam and Zeynep Bilginsoy, CNN)

Chechen leader condemns Prophet Muhammad cartoons, announces massive rally (RT)

France cracks down on hate speech, sends carrier to Mideast (Lori Hinnant, Associated Press, The Jackson Sun)

After Paris shooting, Irish say it’s time to finally ditch their blasphemy law (Adam Taylor,The Washington Post)

The courage to publish: Global news outlets divided over whether to show new Charlie Hebdo covers (Malaysia Chronicle)

After Charlie attack, media responsiveness to religious sensiivities is still an issue(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

In remembering the Charlie Hebdo attack we must not forget the responsibility that goes with free speech (Tariq Modood, The London School of Economics and Political Science)

Turkish court bans websites publishing Charlie Hebdo cover (Suzan Fraser, AP)

Survey: One quarter of British Jews have considered leaving due to anti-Semitism (JTA)

Al Qaeda branch claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack (Holly Yan, Josh Levs, and Salma Abdelaziz, CNN)

French Prime Minister: If Jews flee, the Republic will be a failure (Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic)

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United States Headlines

A tough question: Just how 'JeSuisCharlie' to be? (Gene Policinski, Newseum: Inside the First Amendment)

The influence of the Justices' religious beliefs (Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice)

The fate of American religious freedom: An interview with legal scholar Steven D. Smith(Eric C. Miller, Religion & Politics)

I am Kelvin Cochran: Another American who lost his job for expressing his beliefs(Carolyn Moynihan, Conjugality: A Blog on the Future of Marriage)

Kansas City Catholics divided over Vatican investigation of Bishop (Frank Morris, NPR)

Ohio Man arrested for alleged ISIS-inspired plot on US Capitol, FBI says (Pierre Thomas, Jack Date, Mike Levine and Jack Cloherty, ABC News)

'Better News Club?' Atheist group battles Christian club's influence in NY elementary school (Michael Gryboski, Christian Post)

Judge rules against Mayor Parker in 'Houston pastors' lawsuit over transgender bathroom rights (Samuel Smith, Christian Post)

For Gordon College, a chance to make amends (Newbury Port News)

Marquette University professor John McAdams remains banned from campus (Karen Herzog, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel)

GOP bill would kill presidential mandate on waiving Jerusalem law (JTA)

Voices: Taking a stand for freedom of speech, religious tolerance (Joseph Zeballos, USA Today)

Unwed mom claims she was fired from church for not setting wedding date (Fox 8 Cleveland)

Religious Liberty Isn’t a ‘dog whistle’—It’s a necessary practice of a free society (Scott Shackford,

Damage award against diocese reduced in in vitro fertilization firing (Howard Friedman,Religion Clause)

Crime to conduct same-sex or polygamous marriage ceremony? (Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy)

Minister sues Michigan for right to perform same-sex and polygamous marriages(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Will the Bible become the official state book of Mississippi? (Michael Schaub, Los Angeles Times)

3rd Circuit hears arguments in Muslim challenge to NYPD surveillance (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Freedom From Religion Foundation sends complaint over Glencoe nativity scene (Dixon Hayes, Fox 6 (Alabama))

NJ Muslim groups hopeful that appeals court will overturn NYPD surveillance ruling(Hannan Adely,

God, gays and the Atlanta Fire Department (Editorial Board, The New York Times)

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