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January 06, 2015

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International Headlines

EVENT, 15 January 2015: Religious Liberty in the UK and European Union (Professor Mark Hill QC, The University of Notre Dame Australia School of Law)

Sisi first Egyptian President to attend Coptic Christmas mass (Ahram Online)

Pope Francis: Epiphany Mass and Angelus (Vatican Radio,

President Sisi's speech (Mark Movsesian, First Things)

Pakistan: 21st Constitutional Amendment links religion with terrorism (The Express Tribune)

Sierra Leone declares week of prayer and fasting to end Ebola (Christian Today)

2014: the year of international surrogacy (Claire Achmad, MercatorNet)

Libya violence: Seized coptic Christians 'freed' in Libya (BBC News)

Terror expert Louise Shelley: 'Islamic State is a diversified criminal operation' (Interview conducted by Markus Dettmer and Jörg Schindler, Spiegel Online International)

Gay Ugandans face new threat from anti-homosexuality law (Saskia Houttuin, The Guardian)

Opponents want their brand of religion imposed: Sattar (The News International)

Why Israel may list this hard-line Jewish group as a terrorist organization (Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post)

South Africans take to Twitter to protest Zuma Bible translation (Christian Today)

Merry Christmas. May you be safe. (Zahra Vieneuve, Arc of the Universe: Ethics and Global Justice (Daniel Philpott))

Myanmar's new Catholic cardinal warns against religious extremism (Jared Ferrie, Reuters)

India's Islamic community livid at security drill where militants dressed as Muslims (Miko Morelos, Ecumenical News)

Islamic State book burnings target minorities (Ali Mamouri, Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East)

Israel and Palestinians need a one-state solution (Musa al-Gharbi, Al Jazeera America)

Ringleader in killings of 3 Israeli teens sentenced to 3 life termsl (News Brief, JTA)

Report: Qatar deports Hamas leader Khaled Mashal (News Brief, JTA)

Islamic scholars join fight against extremism (Jemal Oumar, Magharebia)

Hareidi group to Rabbis: ignore Supreme Court (Maayana Miskin, The Jewish Press)

Jordan welcomes throngs of tourists at site where believers say Jesus was baptized (Dale Hanson Bourke, Religion News Service)

Hezbollah starts 2015 facing setbacks (Jean Aziz, Al-Monitor: Lebanon Pulse)

Archaeologists find possible site of Jesus’s trial in Jerusalem (Ruth Eglash, The Washington Post)

Francis & political illusion (Maureen Mullarkey, First Things)

Fighting Buddhists (Daniel Philpott, Arc of the Universe: Ethics and Global Justice)

Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa says govt won't allow any force to bring back 'dark era' (Eurasia Review)

At memorial for African Hebrew leader, signs of integration and respect (Ben Sales, Jewish Telegraph Association)

Iraqi youths embrace religious traditions (Wassim Bassem, trans. Pascale Menassa, Al-Monitor: Iraq Pulse)

In war against atheism, Egypt targets cafes (Ahmed Fouad, Al-Monitor: Egypt Pulse)

The Economist explains: Where Islamic State gets its money (The Economist)

First transgender mayor elected in central India (Al Jazeera America)

The Vatican, Asia and Vietnam: Casting the net wider (B.C., The Economist [Erasmus: Religion and public policy])

Egypt religious scholars reject ISIL fatwas as anti-Islam (Mohamed Mahmoud, Al Shorfa)

Bangladesh's farewell to Mgr Costa, a spiritual leader for Catholics and Muslims (Sumon Corraya,

Delhi: Crèche destroyed by fire in a Catholic church (Nirmala Carvalho,

NZ bar manager faces Myanmar prison for ‘insulting religion’ (Euro News)

"Existence of religious minorities is threatened by India's pattern of terror," warn activists (OFMI,Sikh Siyasat News)

Saudi Arabia airline segregation: New Islamic law takes flight on airliner, seating by gender coming soon (Inquisitr)

Newly established 'Xinjiang Religious Regulations' implemented, intended to restrict spread of radical religious ideas [Simplified Chinese] (China News)

China’s Christians may soon face harsher crackdown (Joshua Phillipp, The Epoch Times)

India: Congress concern over plight of religious minorities (The Morung Express)

Vote against alternative Jewish weddings roils Diaspora (Amanda Borschel-dan, The Times of Israel)

Tracing the roots of Pope Francis’s climate plans for 2015 (Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times)

Is the Saudi succession near? (Bruce Riedel, Al-Monitor: Gulf Pulse)

Four things to remember about the Pope's environment letter (Robert P. George, First Things)

Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya (Al Jazeera America)

Iraqi town celebrates victory over Islamic State (Ali Hashem, Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East)

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Europe Headlines

In pictures: Twelfth Night celebrations (The Guardian)

Norwegian NGO sponsors map exhibit that swaps Israel with Palestine (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Anti-immigration rallies in Germany defy calls to desist (Alison Smale, The New York Times)

A fleeting renaissance: German Jewish communities face uncertain futures (Pavil Lokshin, Spiegel Online International)

How Bosnia Muslims celebrate an Islamic Christmas (Stephen Schwartz)

CofE services after suicide (David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Ukraine: Civilians need greater protection (Human Rights Watch)

"Not in our light" – Cologne Cathedral protests anti-Islamization rally (Susannah Cullinane, CNN)

Challenge to Northern Ireland's abortion laws to be heard in February (BBC News)

Turkey allows building of first new church in a century (Mustafa Akyol, Al-Monitor: Turkey Pulse)

Push against anti-Muslim surge signs up German celebrities, ex-leaders (Al Jazeera America)

Turkey's top court refuses to lower 10 pct electoral threshold (Reuter's, Jerusalem Post)

Fire started in synagogue near Paris (JTA, Jewish Telegraph Association)

German neo-Nazis go hipster (Gabe Friedman, JTA Telegraph)

Chechnya announces new yactic to 'clear' republic of Islamic militants (The Moscow Times)

Germany’s Islamophobes: A social movement or flash mob? (Paul Hockenos, Al Jazeera America)

Slovakia's anti-gay activists: Uncivil society (The Economist)

UK could require teachers to report ‘terrorist’ toddlers (Michael Pizzi, Al Jazeera America)

President of European Turkish-Islamic Union calls on Europe to take action against Islamophobia (Middle East Monitor)

Hindu group wants apology from French President Hollande for burial denial to Roma baby(Eurasia Review)

Europe’s empty churches go on sale (Naftali Bendavid, The Wall Street Journal)

Protesters in Sweden demand end to mosque attacks (Al Jazeera America)

The end of tolerance? Anti-Muslim movement rattles Germany (Spiegel Online International)

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United States Headlines

EVENT, 29 January 2015: Can we end poverty? (Cato Institute, Columbia University)

Religious school exempt from Arizona unemployment insurance tax (Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Same-sex marriages in thirty-sixth state: Florida (Lyle Denniston, SCOTUS Blog)

As gay marriages begin in Florida, Supreme Court is set to meet on issue (Robert Barnes, The Washington Post)

Streit’s is set to close its Lower East Side matzo factory (Joseph Berger, The New York Times)

Muslim prison guard sues state for religious harassment (News 10 – ABC)

Noah's Ark park could sue to get back tax incentives (Dylan Lovan Associated Press, Harlan Daily)

New ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ show causes uproar (Ann Oldenburg, Religion News Service)

Polls point to declining influence of religion (Alonzo Weston, News-Press Now)

Religious nonprofits challenge health law (Kristen Wyatt, Foster's Daily Democrat)

‘Atheist Church’ launches Sunday in Chapel Hill (Flo Johnston, The Durham News)

Jewish Republicans gird for a fight (Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico Magazine)

Anti-gay Atlanta fire chief back on job, becomes face of Georgia’s ‘religious freedom’ fight(Dyana Bagby, The GA Voice)

Indiana, Georgia to consider RFRA bills in New Year (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Does it matter that the new Congress is 92% Christian? (Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Meet “Mikey” Weinstein, the questionable critic of the Pentagon’s religious policy (Mark Stricherz,Aleteia)

Are civil unions literally marriages? (Will Baude, The Volokh Conspiracy (Washington Post))

Terrorism-lite: How universities let students abuse academic freedom (Anat Berko, Gatestone Institute)

How the transgender lobby is using a teen's death (Carl R. Trueman, First Things)

The death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn should be a wake up call for Christians (Eliel Cruz,Religion News Service)

Five church members indicted: Young man tells story of assault because of sexual orientation(Joyce Orlando, Shelby Star)

If the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in 2015, how will evangelicals respond? (Jonathan Merritt, RNS Blog: On Faith & Culture)

7 ways religious affiliation will (and won’t) change in the new Congress (Sarah Pulliam Bailey,Religion News Service)

Jefferson and religious liberty: The father of freedom (B.C., The Economist [Erasmus: Religion and public policy])

Bill would allow Hoosiers to refuse gay weddings (Associated Press)

State Supreme Court: Firefighters must participate in gay pride parades regardless of religion(Caiden Cowger, Cowger Nation)

'Selma' distorts history by airbrushing out Jewish contributions to civil rights (Leida Snow, The Jewish Daily Forward)

Flirting with death (Richard M. Doerflinger, Public Discourse)

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Florida school choice legislation (Travis Pillow, RedefinED)

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